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13 May 2013



I've haven't used the service but I've heard tons of complaints about it. Yet most people are still using it. Most likely because the competition is scarce. Hopefully they are working on making these fixes because it won't be long before a competitor comes out with a better service.


Hi Ouriel,
not sure that someone will achieve disrupting Airbnb for the following reasons:

A) Scrolling problem:
must have been overseen by lack on testing on smaller laptop screens.
This is what happens when you give large high definition screens to your webdesigners / progammers:
Should be easily fixed by the Airbnb team.

B) Not available / Contact the host
How to manage availabilities on a marketplace renting private rooms?
The only way to push renter / owners to update their calendar availabilities is to keep on sending them cutomer requests / notifications (with $$$ indication). Otherwise you might never have a chance to have as much listing as airbnb, therefore making the marketplace experience useless for end-users.

Happy to hear your thoughts if you have a better approach to incentivize owners to update their calendars.

Ouriel Ohayon

A /that s what a billion dollar company should be able to do...
B/ the simple answer > give an incentive to host who will do this on a regular basis (once a month every month which should be more than enough...). What incentive? lower Airbnb commission or something else

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