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05 December 2012


Vianney Lecroart

Hey, I was happy to see you @leweb even if we didn't talk.

BTW, I really miss your tickets on TC France :/

I looked at the other BT keyboard from logitech

But it seems that it doesn't handle Mac (only ios).

It seems a nice way to handle the problem you describe.

coque iphone 4

The third item on our holiday wishlist is this adorable Girl Scout purse! It has several pouches and a long shoulder strap for easy carrying. The green trefoils look really nice on this navy blue bag! 


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I just struggled with setntig up ActiveSync over Bluetooth with my T-Mobile Dash. I had an issue with getting the ActiveSync service to show up on my Dash. I'd pair the devices but when going to sync up it'd say something like there is no PC running ActiveSync . Anyway, I reinstalled ActiveSync AFTER setntig up all of my Bluetooth drivers and such on my PC. Then when I re-paired the devices it actually gave me the ActiveSync service on the Dash. Hopefully that helps someone out there!


I'm a true Kindle fan, and passed my snecod generation Kindle to an adult daughter when I bought the latest device last year, and we share the account. I only occasionally read on my iPhone, which syncs automatically to my Kindle. Most of the books I buy now, I buy for my Kindle.

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