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07 April 2008



Sorry Ouriel, no matter how comfortable the Crocs might be, you'd have to pay me to wear them...


My wife and I both got crocs after our daughter was born. With so much standing all the time we needed them. We have one strict rule though. We are only allowed to wear them outside the house in a 1.5 kilometer radius.

Chris U

Ouriel, thanks for your post, I'm looking in to sports shoe technology at the moment and this post came up. The last video was interesting, there's an inventor in England who's experimenting in a similar way with heel-less running shoes. There's a short programme here in case you're interested -

Ouriel Ohayon

Alain they have some new nice one. i really invite you to try them, not the ugly big one...



You should have mentioned as well the Mephisto, or Birkenstock, those ugly shoes from Germany, which were fashioned for old people, and which suddenly became very trendy. Do you remember the Mephisto ads in Tele 7 jours?



Sometimes, ugly means special. Like the Toyota Prius.


I've actually briefly considered getting those MBT shoes after watching the video that you've posted - but GOD they are so ugly! And I say this being a heavy crocks user.

It looks like shoes for the handicap, something that's intended for people with a disability.

And there's something seriously wrong with their website - can you understand the logic of placing Google ads on a brand website that sells shoes? why would they want potential customers to click on an ad and buy shoes somewhere else?


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Realy cool, brother :-)


Realy cool, brother :-)


Good idea!
P.S. A U realy girl?

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