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24 April 2008


Jean-Sébastien Mansart

You get some spam via twitter, it's called "spwitt".
But yes, it's only your fault if you get some spwitt on your twitter account...
You have to be carreful on who you add...


10 reasons why my bicycle is better than trains.

1 - My bicycle don't have "hours", I can move when I want, never have to wait it come, it's just here !

2 - My Bicycle is in house... don't have to go so far to get one, it here in my garage !

3 - My bicycle has privacy... I don't have to be with all this people I don't even know !

4 - My bicycle is convenient, it can bring object, look at the basket you can put in front or the caddies you can attach in the back !!

5 - My bicycle is cheap... look at all the train ticket you paid... make the adition, your bike cost less than 3 month of train !

6 - My bicycle is friendly : I can take a friend with me if I want !

7 - My bicycle is customisable !! if you put a sticker on a train, you can be arrested !!

8 - My bicycle is popular : sooo many people over the planet use one !

9 - My Bicycle is easy to use : trains are so complicate...where I am, where I go, where have I to change ?? Bike is direct A to B !

10 - My bicycle is clean. It run with only my muscles, no gaz, no oil, not even nuclear electricity : it's the cleanest way to move.

What ? to go in vacations ? euh.....


good points.
but what about storage? history of my tweets and my friends tweets?

do you know what the capacity for history twits at twitter?
(there's no answer for that at the FAQs)

Ouriel Ohayon

Alban: you forgot to mention an excellent reason:

your bike has 2 wheels...


ahah !! Yes !
And unlike trains, I ALWAYS have a seat with my bike !!

BTW, Twitter is really cool, and I also use it now in some way I used mail before but... it just a few few cases !
It need many things not really convenient to get to be use the way you describe it.

It need a lot a good followING, ppl who reading you ! and that's not always the case for the ones who are not as famous as you ;)

And also, there are a LOT of unread tweets, just, for exemple, when I sleep (I am in Tokyo) NYC almost just awake ! I try to read everything on my cell phone on the train the morning but, I miss a lot of things !
And look at scoble account !! who can read ALL his tweets ? it's just impossible for a human being :)

Jason Bates -

Amazing post! Twitter rocks!


Twitter let you share your thoughts, you can't do that by email or your friends will think you'r a dumb ! There are things that you can say on Twitter that you wouldn't have say by email. Twitter is thought exchange, that's priceless !


Less than 50.000 users in France !

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

One thing you missed; a link to!!!


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