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02 March 2008



Most of the movies you mentioned were big flops at the box office.

On Sunday, Feb. 24, the Academy Awards telecast earned its lowest audience rating on record, plummeting 21 percent from last year.

Americans are rejecting the Hate America message of Hollywood loudly and clearly!

Ouriel Ohayon

i don t care of the box office. i care about what i like Steve...


I could recomment "3 kings" about Afghanistan (or was it Kuwait?).

As to the next trauma for Hollywood, I could very well imagine a George W. film :)

The guy who made "Supersize me!" is now making a film where he's trying to track down Osama Bin Laden...


And obviously you like Anti-American films.

Although "Three Kings" wasn't anti-American. Nor was "United 93". Very good films and I believe both did well in the Box Office.

Most of the other films you mentioned (at least not including some of the Vietnam movies of the 1970s and 1980s) were box office flops.

Hollywood risks further alienation and lost of revenue as long as it goes along this hate America path.

I see you didn't list "Munich" among your list of favorite films. Not surprising.

Ouriel Ohayon

Munich is not in that list cause i has nothing to do with the subject of this post....And i DID like munich. Try again...


Doesn't surprise me that you liked Munich. You seem to be one of those self hating Jews.


Steve , don't be too harsh on him.
He isn't Bobby Fischer (yet).
Fischer was the best chess player that ever lived on this planet.
He was also an American Jew , an admirer of Hitler , a fanatical antisemite , an America hater and a believer in conspiracy theories.

Ouriel Ohayon

some commenters of this blog have the poorest sense of irony i have ever seen

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