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23 March 2008


Johnson ColmanEmmanuel ARNOUD

For screenshots, have a look at Skitch (, it's a really good tool that I use everyday since I installed it on my mac.

For offline blogging, nothing like Livewriter but Marsedit is really cool (

Emmanuel ARNOUD

Gasp, I don't kniow who is that Johnson Coleman in front of my name ? I will be glad if you can fix it :)

Ouriel Ohayon

Thanks. I actually have tried them but none of them actually convinced me...yet

Louis Choquel

For screen capture, try Snapz Pro X:

For your Word Web toolbar trick, if your goal is to locate the file you're working on, try this instead:
* Command-click on the window title pops up a menu with the path to the file, and you can open any folder in the hierarchy
* If the file is saved you have a tiny icon of the file next to its name in the window title. If you click on it for 1sec it becomes a proxy that you can dragndrop anywhere (to an email for instance). If the file is modified since your last save, the icon is semi-transparent and you can't drag it, which is consistent because there is a difference between your window and the file on disk.

Note: it works on every app including on Office 2004, but I haven't tried on Office 2008.

Jerome with a IE shortcut in the Dock; but it's a wrong issue. The real problem is that most of hebrew websites always sucked and got 5 years late.

And yes, Skitch is the most efficient tool for screenshooting.

Have you tried ? Ok it's not a sync solution, however it's pretty good...

Ohad Eder Pressman

osx has internal support for taking screen-captures.

Apple+Shift+3 - captures the entire screen
Apple+Shift+4 - lets you clip a rectangle out of the screen

if you hold down ctl as well it will save the screenshot into the clipboard rather than to a file on your desktop.


To replace iTunes, you should check the Amarok project, some people want to make it work with MacOS.

Ouriel Ohayon

Thanks Ohad, actually i think i have tried all the trics and softs for screenshots for Mac, including Skitch, SnapPro. But nothing even gets closer to SnagIt which is by far the best screencapture tool

Thanks Divarvel. will look. Actually i already use floola which is perfect but not compatible yet with iPhone



You can enable a IE plugin in Firefox, so that would solve that problem. And you can always try parallels :)

Then use windows...

its free (in emule)
today it even safer than mac and everything is working on it (until it crushes :()

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