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26 February 2008



Of course you are not alone in this case ...
It happens to everyone.
Things improve over time but I think you are right that there should be a law preventing this to happen.


Reading your post felt all too familiar. It seems that even the most basic tasks turn into unnecessary fights. When I first signed up with Netvision, they said I would get a month free of internet after a year. So, after a year, I called them up because I noticed a higher price on my bill, and not a month free. I had to beg and plead for the free month - even though that's why I signed up with them in the first place! They were doing me a favor, they said. Then I asked them to explain what the new billing breakdown will be between them and HOT and they couldn't really explain it - 2 different payment cycles, if I want to understand, I should call HOT directly, etc. In conclusion, Israelis like to confuse you. They have a good chuckle after they hang up, and go on with their day.


This is so annoying.

The same thing happened to me with BezeqInt last week.

With the bank, they had the nerve to answer, when inquired about a specific commission, that they do not know why they took this specific commission, but since I have a minimum amount of commissions anyway, it doesn't really matter... I could not believe it.

With Partner (Telco) I signed an agreement after vigorously seeking for a ZERO monthly payment. Since then, I had to call them twice to cancel some "bonus" with a monthly cost that they gave me without permission. This is nothing less than stealing.

Regarding regulation, I expected the recent law requiring easier transitions between Telco suppliers to increase the quality of customer support. Instead, it has decreased it! Of course, if you call the sales department they answer very very fast...

Very VERY annoying.

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