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23 December 2007


Ofer Bar

History of Violence was a BAD movie. Bad story line, bad acting. I don't understand all the fuss about it.


Very good movie, I saw it yesterday. I also saw "My blueberry nights" recently with excellent actors.

Shay Rapaport

Sorry, can;t agree with you here.
As a Cronenburg fan I think his last 2 movies are his worst ones.
Cronenberg has yet to master the art of tranforming his talent to commercial cinema.
His previous movies, including Crash (originally a story bu J.G. Ballard) are largely misunderstood.
Ouriel, if you haven't seen ExistenZ I recommend you to start right there. In many aspects, this movie's subtext actually talks about the origins of violance in our world.


There is an obvious breach in Cronenberg's career. i like the second part best. you like the first part more (many do). i saw existenz and i did not like it. I thought the scenario was poor the futurim unimaginative and the whole thing too kitchy. The new Cronenberg take a foot in the darks side of our current world and leaves aside the futurism. which is what i like

Shay Rapaport

When I was watching ExistenZ for the first time I thought it was, above all, not convincing. Only when I got out of the cinema and felt trapped in a trip I realized he was emphasizingm in visual manners, that reality itself is not convincing, at times.
Anyways, as for the early Cronenburgs, you have to be in the right mood to watch them because they all create a very hermetic experience. Once you got into "the zone", it's a pure mindfuck. If you don't - pure boredom.

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