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04 December 2007


Ron Mertens


I think that instant-on (or off) computers might be available in a few years. Check out the MRAM technology which might enable it -


Lior Sion

yes! let me go with my personal RFID (can it be my credit card?) that holds my personal taste into my favorite restaurant and have them know what I want and how I usually like it (begin dinner with a strong coffee). Next phase (version 2.0) would be getting inside any restaurant and getting the same result. Please. Thank you.:)


I'm fan of you ouriel :)
ce n'est une déclaration d'amour mais de respect :)

Herve Kabla

Yep. You could add:
- world-class automated transmation
- world-class speech to text
- expandable screens
- 30 day long batteries
- world class spell check as you type
- unified blogging systems, so you can share one post in several blogs
- 300g laptops

Pierre-Olivier Carles

Just one more for me (but I want all yours too !), which is the same than Herve : 30 days long battery for my Mac or my iPhone.


i agree with the battery thing.

Shay Rapaport

All will happen, except # 3 in our lifetime :-)
The technology is there.

I'd like to listen to internet radio in my car.And I'd like to be served with interesting useful info based on my profile and geographic position.
And I'd like people to start sending me real alchohol and not those foolish Facebook virtual drinks.

Shay Rapaport

Weird enough, I posted that last comment about internet radio in my car, but it says it was posted by ouriel. Do I now have administrator privilages on this site? :-)

Anyways, I thought car internet radio could work like squizebox, only on G3.5 mobile instead of WiFi.

I wonder if somebody is thinking of taking the idea of that squizebox thing to TV (I.E. create a preset of streaming videos from net to TV).

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