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18 November 2007



Hear hear! Not to mention that virtually all ISPs in Israel throttle P2P traffic (also using Israeli technology from P-Cube, now part of Cisco). In Europe ISPs give you the option of having unlimited throughput for a higher price, or a limited account for less. No such choice here - communism at its best...


You're totally right !! It's just an understandable situation. Israel is a leading country in hi-techs and in cutting-edge technology, and still, the internet offers are still stuck in the early 90's, this is got to change !


You are right: Israel is late in offering competitive offers to their internet users.
This situation is not only due to Bezeq, but also to another company less known in Israel which is Med Nautilus (Med 1/Telecom Italia). Med 1 is the only optic fiber cable that is linking Israel to the rest of the world. They have a monopoly and they charge the Israeli ISPs at very high price to connect to Europe or to the US.
Compared with Europe where optic fibers are running everywhere throughout the continent, Israel looks like an isolated island. For Global Telco, the cost of connecting Israel to the rest of the world is too high, because the closest neighboors of Israel (Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, for Jordan I am not sure)simply refuse to use the same undersea cable than Israel! So for investors which could be interested in breaking the Med 1 monopoly , the return on the investment is not interesting enough to launch such a project. So may be the only way to get better internet offers in Israel is PEACE!


I wish we had speeds like that in the US. Verizon has some high end packages, but it does not reach everyone. Very limited....

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