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14 October 2007



I don't think the problem is if there is space for it. Look at facebook - recently it is taking out themarker cafe in Israel even though they do not offer an Hebrew version. I think it's a matter of getting enough traction and critical mass. However, I think that myspace are too late to join the game - they are becoming obsolete in the US and trying to play catch up by offering a platform. In order for them to succeed in Israel they would have to do something revolotunary that would move users to them from other social networks, and so far, it doesn't seem like they have something like that

Account Deleted

I definitely think that there's space for them in Israel.
Giving their international nature with their focus on music and arts, they can surely provide the necessary gate for this audience to the world, which is something that no Israeli community website can/will provide.
If they'll go after all of the audience at first then this can be a problem for them in terms of differentiation, and as you wrote on your posts series - execution here is the key!


I think myspace are coming o Israel to enjoy our good developers, not to find some few more users.

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