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09 August 2007


Pat Phelan

Used it,works fantastic, I can use sip Ac, Skype,Msn,GoogleTalk quality is good plus Twitter
Only drawback is $500 phones only, same as all the rest on that issue.


Great app !

Tried it on Symbian devices and reviewed it.


Unfortunatly I can't try it (blackberry too).

But I use iSkoot on my BB and works perfectly I can chat with Skype and make call with Skype too!


iSkoot is indeed pretty amazing. just intalled it and is way better than IM+ for skype i had until now


Le seul soucis avec iSkoot c'est la lenteur (sur un 8800). Sinon j'en suis ravis!

Adam benayou

Its a great small app. Only problem is it isnt supporting yahoo! Messenger.

alex de jong

Tried Fring, couldn't make it work, stuck with Rebtel, which doesn't give you the presence or integration with IM (but i never IM on a phone keyboard anyway) and works on e v e r y phone. iSkoot doesn't do it either for me. Buggy, crashes. So Rebtel it is until something more basic and reliable comes along. With the improvement in browsers on Nokia much more is possible without Fring's app. And it's the main reason why I switched from Blackberry to an E61i.


I wasn't aware that Fring was Israeli!

If you're familiar with Nimbuzz, they're planning on allowing voice calls to Skype in the near future. At present, IM with skype works fine and calls within Nimbuzz's network works.

Eqo, another mobile application, broke off as a Skype plugin and now operate independantly within their own network. They have calls at Skypeout rates, which is interesting.

I blogged about both here:


MyToGo for Skype allows ANY Phone to gain access to Skype calling services, this includes calling Skype Names for FREE as well as using Skype rates for both local and long distance calling, and does not require any software to be installed on the phone. MyToGo for Skype is FREE as well, for more information please go here:


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