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29 August 2007



I don't understand why Facebook does not have a control over ads. Those arent ads anymore.. That's propaganda!

Jacques Froissant

Same in France with advertising for Le Pen.


Ouriel, you should do it the Facebook way: create a Cause in facebook to ban all anti-israeli causes in Facebook.

At least, in FB, there are pro-israeli causes (whereas in Google AdSense...)

Uri L.

I actually agree with the above. Though I hate to see these guys stupid propaganda, I think we should make the efforts to explain our side, and less try to ban them.
It's kinda a lost battle to ban or silence those protesters, no? And actually in many countries in Europe their cause is legitimate.
People don't like us - that's a fact. We need to find ways to publicize our views, point out the lies and manipulations that other are doing, and let people's intelligence judge for themselves.
We've been very lame in doing this.
Without saying the exact word, in Europe this issue is far beyond a political discussion, and there are many non-logical factors that are involved.


The banning of information is a slippery slope. If contrary points of view are deemed unsuitable by some "authority" and never published, how would I/we know what others are thinking. Now thats dangerous and short-sighted.

My knowledge of the Israeli Palastine conflict is limited to the N. American press (basically 30sec sound bits). Violence should not be condoned by either side, for any reason. This is what I tell my children if they watch TV newscasts.

Israel should show profound leadership by prohibiting violence against others. Explain its intentions and hold steadfast in a peaceful manner, as a religous country. This would be a more powerful response to the conflict than any military action or building of walls could ever accomplish. IMHO


Salut Ouriel,
Je t'écris car je susi tombé sur un de tes comments sur le blog de monsieur clavier. Tu disais faire un stage en capital risk à l'époque. Je cherche moi-même désormais un stage en ce domaine.
Pourrais-tu me dire si c'est un bon choix sachant que ce domaine recrute surtout sur le tard? Quel est l'intitulé du poste de stagiaire sachant que peu de stagiaires semblent y évoluer (assistant associate?. J'ai un contact chez 3i et suis intéressé par les NTIC. Merci beaucoup si tu peux m'envoyer un mail à l'adresse ci-dessus. Cordialement.

omer rosen

Ignorants are everywhere and there is nothing we can do in order to prevent them from get active in social networks.

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