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30 August 2007



What's so cool about it? Can you explain? It's a better RockYou, that is what it is. The transitions are nice but at the end of the day it's a slideshow. Am I missing something?


Really like it as well...

I think the reason it feels so effective is the web-based wizard that guides you through the creation of your video-photo-collage.

Yes, maybe it is a glorified slide show - - but if users who did not have the ability to create this sort of media before can do it simply and effectively now, it still adds a lot of value.

Love the facebook and flickr plug-ins too.


Hey Ouriel, this is Tom from over at Animoto. Glad you like what we're doing! Thanks for the blog coverage.

This post is in response to Xn's comment above. Xn: I hear ya man. From some people's perspectives, it's pretty easy to see it as simply a slideshow. But I dare you to make one! Just watch when yours comes back, with all your own pictures synchronized to the beats of the music, detecting the energies of the music and choosing graphic designs intelligently based on that. You should see some of the feedback we're getting: people are perceiving it as a much different beast than a simple slideshow, which is just what we're hoping!

But what's even more fun is that we've only scratched the surface of the iceberg (like the double metaphor??). Slideshows have peaked; Animoto has just begun. Our creative engine in its infancy, as are our design libraries, and we have thousands of ideas of where to go from here. Come along for the ride, my friend!

Alright, thanks guys. All the best, Ouriel.


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