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10 July 2007


Jeff K

For those of us that are in the web analytics space, the concept of the page view as a stand-alone, key metric has been in the decline for quite sometime. Page View in context with measurable metrics is still relevant, but this will be largely dependent on the individual organizations.

"Time spent" measures are in my opinion are just as flawed and don't tell the real story of the visitor's intent on a site.

For example, while I read this post and now writing my comment, I have multiple other sites open either on this browser (via tabs) or in separate browsers windows. What can a site operator or online marketing manager glean from my visit (session) if they are trying to use data to optimize the site or produce relevant content?

I agree that implementations of newer technologies (i.e. Ajax) make page views more and more irrelevant, but it also makes it a challenge for site owners and vendors (i.e. Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends, etc) to properly track visitor or visit-based information that is consumable to end-users of the organization.

Instead of page view, what is really taking place on the "page" is a series of events by the visitor. Organizations now need to figure out which events are the ones that should be analyzed. The web analytic vendors are starting to offer the ability to track Web 2.0 (Oy, I hate that term) events, but they are not quite there yet.

Regarding your comment about Widgets. What do you mean by "reliable 3rd parties which are de facto used in media department"?

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