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08 July 2007


Adam Benayoun

A smart invitation feature such as:

- Ability to install a small Outlook plugin that will allow to count the number of interaction with some user s (based on their email) and based on if the user is added to your address book and how is he classified. Each user will receive a number in the range of 1-10 that will tell how important it is for you.
The service will be able to flag certain invitation as important or not based on your relation to them. You could eventually give the service access to few other key social network (such as linkedin or facebook) and based on these social network and the email ranking, it will be able to flag the importance of the user requesting your invitation.
We plan to have a very strict invitation system, The world is ruled by the ability to invite As much as users in order to grow and to make a social network richer. Since our product will be based on quality and not quantity and we plan to plan our metrics for valuation of our service/business on the correlation/relation between the users within a certain network rather than the pageview, such invitation and flag system will allow us to build a quality network around our service.
I hope that openID or some other network will allow us to track in the future the personal identity of a person and offer an API that allow service to understand the importance between 2 openID account based on relations in the past and possible relations for the future.

Yaron Galai

At the end of the day, the lowest common denominator between all these social networks is the address book because everyone I know should be in there.

It's pretty crazy that you need to suck your entire address book into every social network (or other web services) because it immediately starts "decaying" vs my original address book.

So in my mind, there is only one company in the world that has the potential to manage all of this properly, and that is Plaxo. Plaxo should be our single, unified, synchronized address book, and it should offer a way to set links (or permissions) to every person I know via every social network I participate in. So for example, I could use Plaxo to friend you with my business alias on Facebook, LinkedIn and my personal alias on Gtalk, and maybe not at all on MySpace.

I don't think Plaxo is going in that direction, but I sure wish they did... it's getting crazy to manage all these instances of personal links with the same people over and over....


Yaron, this is not solving the management aspect of invitation. You would still have to deal with the process of validating high number of invitations here and there.

I agree it would help solving the evaluation process regarding the sender of the invitation

jean carl

These posts about "execution is the key" are very appreciated....well done and please carry on


Have you seen any good invitation systems that web site owners could use?

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