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02 June 2007


Pierre-Alain Goualch

I saw few days ago The Zodiac in Paris and it was 10€ per person. With 15 min ADS before the movie, i totally agree with YOU ;)

Emma Mrejen

Hi Ouriel,
I entered your blog to check if you were giving advice about how RSS syndication works...
I saw the word Cinema in your last post, had to read it.
I have to tell my last experience with Lev Aviv, i think 2 years ago, since then never got back there. I took a baby sitter to come to see alone,an Amos Gitai movie. I arrived there: no movie. I had the "achbar" (the city mouse) weekly cultural guide. After I had a stupid and arrogant answer from the ticket office personn, I asked to talk to the manager, they would not give me. I protested, like they think and say the French always do, and the manager appears. After I insisted to have explanations, he said, that movies theater is a business, they could not afford running empty sceanings, (it was the first week projection), after 3 days they took the movie out, anyway who cares about Gitai movies, no one comes to see them in Israel...
According to me those difficulties are dealing with 2 main subjects:
- sense of service, knowing about the concept of apologing, once the concept is integrated, being abble to apologize, for that wellcome in Israel, no matter cinema industries, banks, and many other exclusively private service oriented. It has to deal perhaps with no sufficient local competition and the weakness of consumer awareness and power.I must say , that appart from cinephiles going to cinematheque, which I advise you strongly,
(for no popcorn, no breaks, no ads,..), people often choose a time of screaning, to go to the movie theater and then decide which movie to see. So most of the people here, never experience, or leave those experiences the way we do. They would say "ein ma laassot".

The second aspect is concerning the world cinema business, people more and more go to cinema just to go out and experience with friends ''THE BEING TOGETHER" in front of a screen, eating , drinking, having fun. In France for example, with the mainly developing UGC complexes, isn't it the same with at least popcorn attitudes?

The question is about definition of cinema, is it about consuming experience or about art, cultural experience?
But no matters what is the definition it can also be consuming art, and as business providers, I totally agree with you, they should feel invested of a need to respect or even pretend to respect their clients.

I'm happy to read that others peoples like me are still concerned by aspects of everyday life, some consider are not relevant.

I m happy to feel that my frustration about what should be the norm in certain fields is also shared by few others.

I m very impressed you have the courage to talk about those concerns on your blog.

Because in the case of movies industries, I think that movies theaters strategic developpers conlude the popcorn clients are more attractives than the selectives and demanding ones...

Anyway, I m ready to think of a new concept of cinema in Tel-aviv, that would be great...



thanks for the great comment

What do you need to know about syndication?


I think that the guy from EasyJet (Stelios) tried to do EasyCinema or something like that a few years ago and did not do too well. You could bring your own food. The price of the ticket depended on when you booked it. I don't know what's their status now...

Tristan Louis


You might want to take a look at my analysis of how to change the movie business. It's almost 7 years old now but I think it complements some of your own thoughts...


Ouriel, you're right about Stelios and EasyCinema. I attended a presentation he gave in London a few years ago just before opening the first EasyCinema, and I didn't think then that it would work - the concept of yield management and flexible pricing which Easy applies to all its businesses wouldn't work with cinema, because it's too low value (unlike flying, car rental, cruises). His Internet Cafes, which were all over the place in London and elsewhere in Europe a few years ago turned out to be a money losing machine...
Who in the UK had it right with cinemas? The "other" cross-business brand, Virgin. They had great cinemas, with excellent seats, sound systems, a proper bar and lounge, Internet ticketing when it was not as popular as it is now, a loyalty scheme etc. etc. As with many other Virgin brands, after it was proven successful Richard Branson sold it - to UGC... of course the average movie ticket price in London is 8-9 pounds (around 70 shekels), which is not comparable to Israel.
Now that I'm again living in Israel I seldom go to the cinema - the noisy audience, the much hated pop-corn break (what the hell??!), parking problems, the distracting subtitles which I don't need, plus the fact that I have a great home cinema system at home make the movie theatre experience a lot less appealing...

Pierre Col

About pop-corn in movie theaters : you have to know that in large multiplex theaters, the biggest part of profits does not come from movie tickets, but from pop-corn and sodas. The movie is here to catch pop-corn eaters and soda drinkers. If movie tickets pay a part of the theater bills, it is a bonus.

That's why you will suffer more and more noise from people eating pop-corn in movie theaters :-(

I'm not joking, it is really the way this industry is moving, and it explains the problems they have : movie theaters does not share the pop-corn profits with movie producers.

Worst (from the producer's point of iew) movie theaters brands like UGC, Pathe in France launched a few years ago the "see as much as you can" flat rate monthly fee business model with subscription cards. It is decreasing the ARPU for movie producers, but increasing the pop-corn & soda revenue for theaters...


Interresting last comment fromn Pierre Col. Nevertheless, I would say that "monthly subscription" has worked well if you look at the figures of 2006 and the money it gave to French production to help to produce big and low budgets films.

Remember that you were born and raised in the City of Cinema, aka Paris. You can see a list of 300 movies anyday in the "pariscope".
And they still take care better of the customer there.

Cinema is indeed art, it should be forbidden to eat, use cellphone etc... like for the theatre...
Only altternative is HomeTheatre but it is expensive ...



actually i was born and raised in the south of France where i did not have access to that many movies. And even in France in most theatres experience is not great: but at least there you don t have a pop corn break in the middle of the movie


Very good this one :)
Sorry ! Must have mixed with where you studied maybe.
That s true, out of big cities, the experience is not as great..but no pop corn (noise + smell + seat full of pop corn...), my problem then is that all foreign movies are in french when I hate "doubling",and prefer reading the subtitles..
It also save time to launch a movie, no additional work to be done by doing a new sound track in French.

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