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02 March 2007


Jeremy Fain

Hey Ouriel,

Thanks for the plug!

Your turn to do some work))): How do you think Israel fits as a land for Internet entrepreneurs considering these 10 points?


Hey Ouriel,
As an Israeli venture capital representative i suggest that you will post an Israeli comment on why the Israeli hi-tech entrepreneurship industry is so strong.
what do you say? :)

Marc Duchesne

Hello Ouriel,

About Israel-based startups vs. US' ones : it is simply a matter of domestic market.
North-America : a single continent by itself, for only two countries. Whose countries share the same roots, are of the same culture (save Quebec in Canada and New Orleans in the US ;-) and speak the same language. A startup can think local : that's 300+ millions people w/o borders. No localization required, no need to adapt to specific/local culture, etc.
Take Israel now : small country, right in the middle of a fantastic assortiment of countries, cultures, religions, history, people... The only option for any entrepreneur there : think global.
Same explanation for the status of Belgium in Europe : a very small country, surrounded by giants such as UK, Germany, and France. The only option for Belgium to survive : think global. Hence the numerous headquarters of international companies and the organizations like E.C., NATO, etc...


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