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05 March 2007



Regulate the market??? Don't you know State regulations are BAD and privatization is GOOD. If the landlords are making more money, the economy is going better. In France, Sarkozy is going to save the World, order and discipline will be taught since the age of 2.

Vote for Sarkozy!

Ordre, Famille, Patrie

Vive le Maréchal!

(sorry for spamming)


John,confusing Petain with Churchill is not a funny joke.

Sorry for the answer.


A few comments:
1. The dollar actually went down in the last years therefore if you compare prices to times when dollar was 4.60, the situation is not that bad.
2. Even today when you look at the cost of buying an apartment in Tel-Aviv vs. renting it, in many cases you will find out you are still better of renting it. 3. The same way prices go up at high demand, they also go down in low demand. 5-6 years ago at the pick of a crisis in Israel, with negative growth, prices went down, what I guess is also not possible in France.
4. Prices are high in some areas but are low in others. There is high demand for the center of Tel-Aviv, while it's very cheap to rent apartments in the surrounding area (Bat-Yam, Shchunat Hatikva...). In Paris it's the same, if you want to rent in the best location, you have to pay...


I don't where you are looking for apartments, but 2/3 bedroom apartments (great ones) can be found from 650-850 easily, and if you are willing to use a realter (which is a great option for the 700$ range) you can find some gems.

Homeless have created a bubble but if you free your mind, ask around, look around the city, you'll find the prices haven't changed that much.. just for 21 year olds who got out of the army.

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