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17 March 2007



Hi Ouriel,
Rights on music or any intellectual property in the the 21st century is and will be in the near future the biggest battle field in the digital world. In one side you got the old industry giants the record labels, publishers, and music stores who really don't want to give up any of their incomes, then you got the artists, that split up to performers, writhers, composers... and the companies that represent them like BMG and are in-charge of keeping track on their rights, opposite to them are the new age marketers and us the final consumers. In this battle there are to many sides all are sure the next one is a crook to say the least. Sorry it took me so long to get to point, Pandora! Pandora is nice I like it, but they are playing songs that the companies, artists, publishers and performers spend a lot of time, energy and expenses to get them out to market so people like us will now them and want to listen to them. In radio the station pays every time they are played, in I tunes we pay to DL them, so should Pandora pay to play them, YES they should! If Pandora want's to play them and not charge us the listeners noting cool, but is is not the rights holders problem, I say to Pandora check your business model. Get money out of ads, online music stores or what ever other business that wants to tap on the Pandora community users, just pay the rights and build a thru business one that does not violate rights, gives a great added value for users and advertisers a like.
In the side of the rights owners they to should understand that the days of us buying every CD that comes out is over! We will still by some CD but even this will stop. We want to listen and consume our music, videos, TV... on different new ways, they have to halp and agree to think out of their rich old boxes, if they just see that they are not loosing revenu but gaining millions of new global customers, that are willing to pay something even if it is not direct cash.


Pandora seemed nice until I discovered FineTune. Pandora plays music that they think is similar to music you like. With FineTune, you can create a playlist filled with your favorite songs - not songs that might sound like them, but the actual songs! That's like listening to a radio station that just keeps on playing those songs you've been wanting to hear, and no garbage in between. Since i have such an eclectic musical taste, this works great for me. You should try it out.


myriam, thanks i know finetune. cool tool indeed.

Elie, i think your point of view is understandable. but the models to compensate authors and rights should be more flexible and be evolutive depending on the success and financial health of the company

i a word trying to build a model surfing on new trends and not replicating off line models to new way of consuming music.

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