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07 December 2006


lisa lavy

It’s the end of the year.

My vacation days are long gone, spent on moving into my new house and installing flooring.

Its cold out and getting colder. Freezing rain and ice storms are becoming a little too frequent this year for my tastes. Do you see where I’m going with this yet?

I need a vacation. Not just any vacation but a serious, week long, tropical drink sipping, relaxing beach, all inclusive, complete mind resetting vacation.

This is where Holiday Travel of America comes in. Travel of America is a leader and a standard-setter in the incentive travel industry, with a solid reputation for creating state-of-the-art travel packages that combine the highest value with the lowest possible cost. Offering long and short holidays, mid-week vacations, cruises and airfares, they literally have everything the vacationer could want.

Holiday Travel of America offers many business-to-business packages too. One that particularly caught my eye is the Employee Incentive package. How would your work performance be affected if you knew that a tropical vacation of the boss’s tab was at stake? I recommend printing out the page on Employee Incentives and leaving it in a strategic spot in your boss’s office. If that doesn’t work, maybe fax him a copy or set Holiday Travel of America’s website as the homepage for his browser.

I think that I’m more than willing to bombard the management at my workplace in order to convince them that a vacation is just the thing to spice up productivity and increase the old bottom-line!

This month’s specials include trips to Phuket, Thailand with prices as low as $20 per night and Mexico and Caribbean All-Inclusive Packages. I personally would be more than happy with either or better yet, both!

So if you’re looking into getting away, getting someone else away or getting someone to get you away as a reward for years of hard work, check out Holiday Travel America

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