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26 December 2006


Uri L.

Besi'ata De'shmaya - בסעתא דשמיא

Actually today it's a common header that's added by default by
Religious and religious-wannabes to any document they write - even if it's a note like "let's put x in the toto".

Apparently the "gniza" rules apply to this.


cher Ouriel

Connais tu un endroit suympa vers tel aviv ou pas loin ou nous pourions feter la nouvelle annee 2007? merci

frum yid

It is not a problem to throw this out as it isn't actually the name of G-d. There are some people who put lamed hay vov, lhasem haaretz umloh. Basically signifying that this paper these ideas all belong to him, and it is with his blessing all things are achieved. It is sort of like wearing a kippah on one's head as a reminder of who is in charge.

So even if you throw it out you are not desecrating the name of God.

Israel Blechman

Even though it's a jewish custom, it's not "with the help of gold" (line 5), but "with the help of god". :)

It should be corrected.

Ouriel Ohayon

Israel> Oops :) fixed. although for some Gold is God...

Nathalie> Try Helena or Blend for your new years eve


בס"ד is in Aramaic (not Hebrew) and means 'With the assistance of the heavens' (though in Aramaic it is only 2 words - 'בסיעתא דשמייא')
To my knowledge it is a superstitious customs, like knocking on wood, and can be written on *any* piece of paper or whatnot.
It is used by Jewish religious people as a reminder of the lord and his(her?) supervision, and by the common joe as a good luck sign, just like crossing one's fingers - for the Christians among us.

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