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16 December 2006


Nicole Simon

Ouriel - you again miss the important words: It was a success for YOU and some people you find respectable.

Don't tell me what I have to 'feel' and what is "right". I am a grown up women and do make my own decisions. It was not considered a success by everybody which does not exclude that it was for others .

That is just like being told on stage to behave and be nice as well as "stand up and give an applause" as if I am a child - which I am not. I do not need you to acknowledge that in public just as I would find it enough if Loic takes in the input from what has come to him through the last days and LEARN from it.

He can then make conscious decisions FOR HIMSELF. And then he should act like it. And they may be whatever they like.

And I am sorry that you try to desperatly to make him the hero of Europe - he has lost respect over the last days on a massive scale.
He probably also has gained respect at other people

It is again his decision to which side he is interested and to which side he wants to go and act on what happened the last days.

It is up to him just as it is up to me what I do make out of the events in Paris, what I tell my customers as well as the rest of the people I have contact with.



I am not sure what your point is, and honestly at this moment i am not sure i want to pursue the polemic.

I am sure we are all conscious of what was not right and hopefully Loic will draw with the conclusions.

What i believe is that instead of enriching the fire it is time to turn it down. don t you think?

Ewan McIntosh

I think the simplest way, and most realistic way, is to take the 'grey' route down the middle - the conference was both good and weak at points.

I explained over on my own post some of the "stars and wishes" I would make. As an educator I work on the basis that there are always some successful elements in even the roughest of stones, but that things can normally always be improved upon, and am just surprised that this tone has not been (or rarely has been) adopted by those who have both organised the event and those who criticise it.

I've been to better events - I've been to a lot worse. I think Loic has, himself, been given a particularly rough ride over the coals and just has to start 'eating his own dogfood', and converse through his blog about why certain things could have been better and what he would do differently the next time. Even better, why not "phone a friend" and ask people to help do "two stars and a wish" in terms of what they liked and disliked in the conference. It's far more constructive that way for all concerned.

Am I being unrealistic?


that sounds reasonnable

Nicole Simon

Ewan nope, as you said it is to learn from such things.

I already posted my what I liked about it on Wednesday.


Europeans and French in particular have a lot to learn.


The Silicon Valley and Israel are

Mike Butcher

Whatever. LeWeb3 was NOT a success for me:



though invited you did not come to the conference and therefore you have no idea what you are talking about.

You are upset because Mike termninated TechCrunch UK, not because the conference was bad

Just for notice i did not appreciate Sam using TechCrunch to criticize a conference TechCrunch was fully associated to. And obviously by your comment you missed that also. It is not a question of being honest but of considering your ownn "family". Sam and You have the right to think the conference is shit if you want, even if you did not attend it. But using TechCrunch to publish was most indelicate. Certainly without discussing it with people involved in it.

Sam probably did not deserve to be fired for that although i understand it was done for other very serious reasons and it was not my call.

I wish this could have ended differently. I guess i have to wish you luck for the next


Message to Nicole

one thing i forgot to ask you is change your title of your post "" you certainly not representing the tens and hundreds of people that did not feel betrayed. At least certainly not me.

Nicole Simon

Why should I change the name of an entry on my blog which is a question?

You will also notice that my entry has in nearly every sentence the words "for me / i find / i expect ( I do" to make clear it is my subjective view on this.

(Something btw I do not find in here.)


you will not find it here simply because i do not have the pretention to speak for everyone and the purpose of my provocative title and black/and white post is simply to echoe the ridiculous extreme of the criticism that obscur the good sides of that event.

I don't want to be balanced and proportionnate i just want to shout out loud that many people really liked it. and you ll find that more and more in the close future (it is already the case)


Truth is, the conference was a success and a failure mixed together. You can quote a bunch of people on one side or the other. It obviously succeeded on some criteria (attendance, sponsors, venue) and failed on others (panel content, keeping to the program, WiFi). For me it succeed hugely on networking opportunity, but failed miserably on presenting a coherent and challenging platform. That was a mess.
Ouriel, you come across as a cheerleader for something that you sponsored. Have a bit of dignity. Consider this - there's no conspiracy to criticize the conference. A lot of people thought it was lacking, and the nature of this beast is that we have a platform to say so. Does this often happen? I went to Gnomedex earlier this year and also thought that had a lot of the same problems. However, obviously not many (if any) other people agreed with me.
The one thing you can't really say is 'It was a success. Period.' This means you take no account of the naysayers - of which there is certainly a list as long as your list above. Maybe a bit of effort to reach out and listen to what people did or didn't like - try a bit harder next year?

Ouriel Ohayon

Sorry Ivan i am not sure you have a point. I am pointing to personns that are not biaised like me. The criticisms are going way beyond the reality. Personnally i just do not agree with you although i recognize nothing was perfect. I also notice that many criticisms come from people that did not even attend the conference.

So i maintain what i said. Just go and have a look at comments around.

There is a whole difference between claiming that some points failed and that the conference was a failure. I wish more people knew how to make this distinction


I still do not understand why people are so angry about this event...

We are talking about 1:30 hour, during 2 days !

By the way, there were no handling or planning for political purposes, just awkwardness !

Can you imagine Loïc planning a so bad show for Sarkosy (no translation, no Q/A, etc...) ?

Please stop joking.


I don't understand at all why such a polemic... What a useless lost of energy !
Oureil I'v tried also to give my point of view on my blog ;-)


Positive note : See some on my blog.

Account Deleted

Positive notes about Loïc and Le Web3 here and here in french and frenglish ;-)
And here to say how it could have been really great !
Enthusiastic people like Loïc deserve comprehensive feedback including constructive criticisms.
It was worthwhile to be there AND it could be even greater next time!
Crickeely, LVG

Laurent Ponce

At this point I can only agree with Pierre-Olivier : come on people, time to move on ! I was there, you were not, I havce the right to..., you don' put all this intellectual skills together to build the future of information age in such a way that it helps build a safier, healthier, wealtier wolrd for all. And that takes a LOT more than polemics and bla bla over a 2 days event !

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