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15 November 2006


Emre Sokullu

Actually you can already ban unwanted ad providers. You just need to enter the domains that you don't want to be promoted.. I can't see any other way to prevent this..


Emre> thanks but i already know that, i think keywords or categories should be made available. I don t want to enter one by one all web properties of hundreds of competitors.

Emre Sokullu

AdSense - AdWords interfaces are so messy that I thought you may have not seen this option. Anyways, you give a great startup idea here actually. Anyone who can solve this problem can become the target of ad marketers. But as a researcher who worked on NLP (natural language processing) and related fields, I cannot see a practical and accurate enough way of doing that.


…this underlined the question of editorial control of text ads that is very limited with Adsense...but I know an alternative solution. At ADS-click.publisher you can select the keywords (or categories of keywords) you want to publish with to match your audience interest…it is not the black box (automatic contextual engine of Google) that select for you. The beauty of the system is that you can cross "audience interest and revenue per clicks": on you account interface, you will see the CPC of each keywords…and just have to select what best match your interest!

Gerald Joseph

Emre Sokullu,
You make some good points concerning the question of practicality in improving Adense, but What if Adsense wasn't a top-down system? Suppose it was a peer-to-peer system? Under that scenario wouldn't there be a greater capacity for security, filtering, and customization?

Emre Sokullu

Gerald, I don't understand well what you mean with P2P AdSense. Do you mean power of masses? A system that allows users to vote for which ads are good, which ads are bad... P2P is one of the hottest buzzwords today, but I can't figure out how it would work for ads.. Do you know any existing company offering that?

Gerald Joseph

Emre Sokullu,

To my knowledge there are no providers of an Adsense type service using P2P.

However, I think there should be one.

I feel that if you had a rating system for the Ads and a sharing system as well you could reduce abuse and increase targeting.

A P2P system would allow individual users to pick and choose which ads are most appropriate for their use.

Maybe we could discuss the idea further and flesh out some working principles that such a system would feature.

Feel free to visit my blog and email me.

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