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30 November 2006


Uri Geller


You don't get the full picture so let me explain. If you didn't get a NO in case 1 and went to Berkeley, you would have meet there a guy named Sergei Brin. He would have talked to you about a new search algorithm and proposed you to build a company with another friend of him called Larry Page. If case 2 would have happened, the Israeli company would have hired you. You would have been in charge of restructuring it and sold it to a big US firm for $250M. Do you understand now how much you loose because of those two NO?


Uri the only sure in that Story is that i got a NO. the rest is just a dream in case 1 that is not too late to happen ;)

Marshall Kirkpatrick

Well, it seems to me the moral of the story is that you never know what's going to happen and hopefully you're smart enough and lucky enough that good things will fall out of the sky and hit you on the head! Somehow initiative plays into all of this too, but it may just be that the more places you find yourself on this earth, the more likely something will fall there and hit you. Very interesting story though!


indeed marshall, It s all about luck

Sometimes a No can turn out to remain a bad news.


Maybe a little luck, but difinitely persistence and adapting to what you have.

Stephane Allard

Great stories Ouriel!
True, you can see the glass half empty or half full.
In my experience, a "no" is also a great opportunity to learn about yourself. What you did wrong, how to improve...
Reading your different experiences, it feels like you don't need to worry about your future, whatever happens! ;-)


Nice from you to share those experiences with us -your readers.

Luck is also linked to our personality, about beeing positive, not jealous of the opportunity we missed and being patient. Then you develop confidence from those bad moments for the next positive steps.

Bonne chance pour la suite anyway



Hi Ouriel,
my first time here, interesting blog, and a great short story indeed !!!
Lucky is being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.
You did it, in spite of the "No" you got.

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