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29 October 2006



What's your point? You would like people come to this blog because of YOU? People who like you don't need Digg or even this blog to care about you.

Now... your 4-line article was about YouTube. How long do you want people spend on reading a 4-line post? 1 minute? 10? What do they care about while clicking on a link entitled "New YouTube menu"? They OBVIOUSLY care about YouTube news!

Since your post were short and about a third party subject, it appears fair for me people came just to click on your link. Based on what you've written on the post we're talking about here, I definitely don't see how anybody would... er... say... subscribed to your feeds or discovered the whole blog you've written here.

You probably already know, another interesting Internet news-related blog. As far as I know, none of Henri's posts is made of a 4 lines text (at least none was like "hey! I love YouTube, they are great, click here to see their fine menus"). What's my point here? He didn't complained about his readers, when they came from another "digg-like effect" blog as you can see there:

Don't complain about readers. (That sounds like a TOP #10 list of things a blogger should not do. Never.) Complain about yourself and your own unability to capture them.


Here is another Henri's posts that shows his ability to retain his "Digg-like effect" readers:

A huge part of his "Digg-like effect" audience subscribed to his blog immediately, as you can see on his published Feedburner stats.

Ouriel Ohayon

since you remind the top10 list of a blogger, i ll add my 2 cents

> i write what i feel and try to argument, whether my readers will agree or not
> What applies to a blog does not apply to another. This has happened several times to my blog and i never saw any long term effect.

I don t mind that people coming from digg come back or not, but i will never compare a profile of a visitor from digg to those coming back regularly to this blog. This is not right.


Yes I agree most of the digg traffic is not going to return but even if you get a handful of those people to check out the site it's a positive.

Plus I found your site looking the "digg effect" and here I am checking it out.


I'm here (and regular) because you're an HEC alumni.

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