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25 September 2006



Ouriel what do you think of Metacafe client software ?

I found it's a cool way to receive a "best of" videos selection on your laptop every day.


I personnally don't like the idea of having a client to view online videos. Actually i already have one and it is my browser. I don t want to have filters i want to find the content i want even if it takes more time and my computer is already full of softs, so why one more?

The metacafe client btw does not enable the creation of customized filter based on a selection of keywords. for which i prefer plain RSS


And what about current TV wich permit viewer created content as well (and viewer created ads) and have TV channel where they show the best stuffs ?

I like the concept.


Bastien, totally agree with you. Current TV has a very high quality approach. I like what they do. It is a good complement to the mass video services


Same opinion as you.

It's what TF1 with WAT in france is trying to do but i am not impressed at all by WAT TV. but it's just the beginning.

MC Kean

MetaCafe is a war mongering propaganda site, that allows videos that promote violence, videos where soldiers are telling the world to get *ucked and to *uck their *ick, and worse. They also allow porn that is degrading to women, yet they have banned a video that is an intellectual deconstruction of the heroic Red Barron myth of the "fighter" pilot, finding it "hateful and malicious". If you want to see the video that MetaCafe, Bush, and Israel do not want you to see, go to and click on WAREAGLE VIDEO

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