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05 September 2006


Gilad Nass

Thanks for the feedback, Ouriel. We felt the quality of the attending parties was very appropriate for the event - as you said, a lot of start-up CEOs, founders etc..

This event was considered a "pilot" by me, for it is uncommon for IDC to produce conferences with such (relatively) limited number of participants, but I felt there should be a begining of a debate about web 2.0 (yeah, I hate it too, but just like Microsoft Office, it has become too common to try to replace...) being integrated into the enterprise.

We appreciate any feedback, and although some of your comments refer to things we actually stated at the event (the presentations, and hopefully an audio version of them should be up on our site within the next few days; the panel discussed several companies directly; the "politics" proble was discussed at length), but there is always room for improvement, and we learn from each event, big or small.

Again, thanks for spreading the word, and for attending, and I hope there would be more start-up oriented event we can push (either actively or just by keeping the buzz alive) in the future.




I think for a pilot, this set up was good. I agree that some of my points were addressed but i believe there was room for more as those very important. Specially to learn from there practice

I think your next event will be even better specially if you manage to get audience that is not aware at all of what web2.0 is.

Mayer Reich

I liked the post and I agree with most of your points. No internet was a big no no since we couldnt look up examples while speakers were presenting.
One thing that struck me as kind of odd, was a question asked by one of the viewers. He asked Shachar how to get consumers involved in buying the Web 2.0 technologies? The answer was through direct sales and corp. relationships. This perspective just shows how we in Israel just don't yet understand the power of strong focused internet marketing strategy. I hope that this will all change in the near future so Israeli companies can become the next YouTube, Flicker or many others.

Gilad Nass

Hi Mayer,

You are right about the Wi-Fi - there was Wi-Fi avaliable, but it required a username/password. I gave the first few people the needed info to operate it when I realized this (this was just as people were sitting down for the start of the event), and asked the local IDC (IDC.AC) guy to open the network for all. I assumed he did so, since I got no other requests from other people. I'm sorry he didn't. Next time let one of our people know about this (we'll double-check anyway). Hope you had a good experience.


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