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10 July 2006



I agree totaly with you, my sentence on my home page blog is : There are no intelligent or stupid people, there are only intelligent or stupid actions...


Whatever the stupidity of his behavior, I believe Zidane deserves a standing ovation for his career. He is a wise, cool man, and didn´t divorce his wife to hang out with a top model at trendy night clubs and all that jazz.

I appreciate his football and his way of being. And I also know what it takes to deal with Italian football players)); They such a pain in the ass that they make me laugh.

Uri L.

I'm an avid FC Barcelona fan and I supported the Italians yesterday (which other team has a wicked player like Gattuso?).

Still, I have a lot of respect to Zidane, and wouldn't rush to judge him too harsh for what happend yesterday. It's pity he reacted like this - and the punishment came quickly. However he is probably the most intellectual and mentally intelligent footballer in the last 10 or 20 years.

None of the other players throughout this whole tournament gets close to Zidane's intellectual depth as a human.

So one stupid moment can't attest on the true nature of him as a person, and I hope people will remember the human merits he's shown along with his great football skills.

That said, I didn't want France to win, and I wanted Real Madrid to lose each of their games in the last 5 years :)

But even a zealous team support can't get over the basic appreciation and respect to such a unique person. It will take a lot of time 'till we see someone else reaches that level.


Well, we will probably talk much more about those 10 seconds that the WolrdCup 2006 itself.

When I saw the gesture, i also said to myself "il est vraiment trop con Zidane! Voila pourquoi je prefere Platini !", and maybe, I overreacted like he did.

Today, I say that "mistakes are human" and he showed finally that he played this game like all the other ones, sometimnes in a impulsive way and without paying attention that it would be his last football game.

Besides, for those who have already suffured of racism, they know that is not always so simple to deal with it.

Now, I just hope that Materrazi will also receive a punishment for the verbal insults now that he stole our second star' without plaing a good game in 1 month!
I hope that they will cancelled his name on the cup (or take back his medal) and punish him otherwise he may regret his insults when meeting some magreb immigrants in Milan...

Anyway, thanks Zizou, we spend a good summer thanks to you and we can forget the 2002 WC and remember the 2006 WC forever.

Jeremy Fain

Some more Zidane, quite funny:

And Zidane is, at least to me, not stupid at all. Racism is something that should be fought by all means possible.

Blue Swede

I'm sorry he did'nt aim for the eye or cheek. Fucking italian pussy.

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