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20 July 2006


Kevin Cannon

I don't like the web 2.0 expression because of the misconceptions of the general public. Many people believe that the stereotypical design elements of new applications (gradients, rounded corners, etc.) are what '2.0' is all about. By emulating the styles on their static sites, they then believe that they too are 'web 2.0'.

Gros lâche

Hi Ouriel, in my opinion there is definitely a buzz around the whole Web 2.0 concept for two reasons:

- Potential is limited. For the MySpace, Youtube, Flickr and Delicious (less than 5 successful ideas after all) how many start-ups won't ever attract more than minor attention among a narrow segment of the population?

- As a VC you should be aware that valuation of Web 2.0 start-ups aren't big. I am not sure how you could convince a Calpers to invest in your fund where the potential upside is maybe 2 or 3 times the initial investment for a final start-up valuation of less than $50Mo. I think this could/will be a big headache for all the VC industry today. Few years ago Sofwtare & Telco start-ups were topping valuation over $200Mo easily.
Sincerely, GL

Jeremy Fain

Ouriel, what about people who quite enjoy the expression Web 2.0? We can´t answer your poll));

What do you and your readership think of this visual conceptualization of Web 2.0?


actually jeremy if you like it you can choose in the poll "i like it option" at the bottom :) and i do realize lots of people like it . But i hope it is for good reasons...

gandon françois albert

why do i love this expression ? because it seems to me that creativity, innovation are back ! a new exciting step of creation!

i do not link this expression to technologies.

i am ok with you about the web dynamic spirit freezing.


Web 2.0 is a bad expression because if you look at the companies that self describe as Web 2.0 they are often the ones with the older "get traffic, figure it out later" model, and the ones that actually have evolved and learned, often don't describe themselves as "web 2.0" because they have evolved, and learned the lessons of the previous hyped-but-meaningless-expression, ".com".


Wouldn'it be relevant to also create a poll to define what people think "Web 2.0" means? For example: "what words first come to mind when you think "Web 2.0"?

-Rich media?
-Design and Animations?

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