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12 May 2006



looks really nice - fresh an green - not grey anymore!

Mike Rundle

Hey Ouriel, I posted my thoughts about the design over at Thanks for the poll ;)

Sherwin Techico

Totally agree with the other people liking the old design. Thanks for the Poll. It was a shocking moment when I visited TechCrunch at midnight PST. Wrote about it over at

...but not as low-level and nitty-gritty as Mike's writeup =)


it seems that a majority prefer the old design (I one of those) but we all know that the good things always need time to get in the head of the public, no? no? no! (Ok that's ridiculous but I'm just a little bit tired, sorry ;)))
Joke apart, I prefer blue vs green and I think the old design was more uncluttered and it was easier to find the information. But keep up the good work, Techcrunch is my favorite blog about web2.0 and even if I don'it like the design, I'll still visit this blog.



First time here...thanks for putting up the poll. As suspected most people like the old version. It seems like a conflict of interest to have so much advertising space - wondering how it will develop.

David Ezra

For the past 8 months, I've been as big a fan of TechCrunch as anyone else. Every morning, I simply can't wait to see what's new.

However, this new design makes me want to throw up - but that was just my initial impression ... perhaps I need to give it a few days.

Wow..70% prefer the old design. So, it is not just me after all..I knew I'm normal :)



mm le vert est bien, mais ça manque de crunch, on ne sent pas assez le sandwich ou le biscotte.


Yeah, not crazy about the new design. It seemed to be a new design focused around making more advertising space. Very annoying. :(


La rancon du succes?
Disons que le nouveau look est plus conventionnel,moins original,moins elegant aussi.
Mais bon tres vite ,on aura oublie l'ancien.
Et puis n'oublions pas:le contenu prime toujours...


new design is stupendously offensive. i refuse to visit until a less horrific color is employed.

on top of those major 'conflict of interest' sponsor ads, too? unreal. at least we know all the reviews on that blog are bought and paid for.

i guess they'll only ever be one Clark Howard:


Peter. first you don t like design you can take only the feeds. second if you don t like still don t like techcrunch i guess you can just top reading it. third your words regarding editorial policy are insulting and if i were you i would just consider twice before posting such comments. No one pays to get its review on TechCrunch. That s why it is so successful



WTF were they thinking?



First, sorry because of my low level english !
I really find the new design funnier with the bright green, even though publicities on the right, a little bit disturb the reading.

Tom Raftery

I read it through my rss reader so the design is completely irrelevant to me!


not as funky as the new yahoo page but I still preferred the old design


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