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31 May 2006



All these are free plugins for Wordpress...


what about more mainstream blog plateforms? any widget? don t know any

Netanel Jacobsson

Very well observed. Blog posts are getting more and more co-incidental readers & very temporary presense. I believe even the so called A-listers will have difficulties in keeping the attention span on its readers. I see the value more as platform to share information with your immediate peers and accedental visitors. I still can't make up my mind if the value lies in the link or in the content...


I agree that it would be a + to be able to decide how to present your articles in a blog: by date, by category, by subject (group of category etc..)

Currently, ALL the template are the same:chronological presentation (valid for all blog hosts).

It means maybe that in a way, we are coming back closer to a classic website structure (but dynamical and always updated, meaning) where you could point out:
- last post,
- last comment (i like that on your blog)
- last pic etc...

Should ALL the blogs look like the same to be able to be called a BLOG?

The main drawback is that we could post the same articles every 3 months and it would look like a new post with its bunch of new comments.

It will also avoid that people on a last post about everything (what happened on techcrunch on a whatever article vs. the new design).

After a couple of months, I am now thinking about doing a blog (maybe today..) and would have enjoyed another architecture (else than time based)...

PS: u're right, I found your blog via Alain's blog (who is a friend a a brother's friend).. that s networking!


I've been playing around with a few blog platforms, but I think this is why I'll ultimately end up using WordPress. It has plug-ins for so many things like this.


Totally aggree.

To my point, the strongness of a post his not based only on the author's view but also on the discussion it provides through comments. With this idea, the post ranking should be some digg-like tools in the blog : the readers should vote after reading the post.
Thus, the value of a blog will not just based on pure audience but also on more global aspects.

PS : that's very funny i had the very same thought yesterday, writting a un-value added post yesterday on my blog ;-)

Dimitar Vesselinov

Hi ouriel,

Why don't you take a look at Blogtronix?


I may be wrong, but I think WordPress is able to keep track of the most popular posts. Perhaps someone has made a widget that leverages this information.

I agree that chronological order seems like an illogocal way to read the best content from a blog, because blogs tend to be a mix of outstanding posts and more pedestrian ones. Maybe you could hand-pick articles toward which you want to direct your readers and list them like with his "Best of" list?

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wery good, respect!

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