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25 May 2006



nothing to add deserve it, congratulations.

Jeff Clavier

Hmmm, remember that TypePad does not allow for feed redirections which means that subscribers using the "old" RSS and Atom feeds are not counted. But TechCrunch France is working very nicely indeed.


Way to go!


ouriel do you know if there is a feedburner rank for france? I would like to know that.

Loïc Le Meur

of course you know it's wrong (look at the technorati number of links...) But yeah, it gives you the energy ! I wonder why nobody translated Boingboing in French, it would also rock immediately...


hey Loic

Of course i do. YOU ARE THE BLOG JEDI. and i have still a long way to go. in any case i think your blog covers a much wider audience as TechCrunch is only dedicated to hight tech.

As i mentionned you have other hidden feeds not counted and as you mentionned you have more inbound links (alhough i claimed TechCrunch Fr only 3 weeks ago)

Keep rocking man

Loïc Le Meur

:-) was just joking to push you a bit and it worked !


Just in case neither of you (Ouriel and Loic) have read the Mediametrie Press release : GenerationMP3 blog is the one kicking stats.

Was just in case ... ;) but I'm sure you both know it well.

Keep on going Ouriel.


Yes i saw that. 2 things on it

- TechCrunch was not included in mediametrie stats as we did not implement their track code in our template
- Techcrunch france is out there for 4 months only.
- Generationmp3 is a fantastic website (for me it is more a media than a blog)
- I actually don t care to be the largest blog. I care about people being interested in what we write. And if in addition we can be a top tier blog then fantastic


There is absolutely no correlation between your feeds estimated readers and your blog's readers.

A blog of mine (also written in French) counts about three to five thousand unique visitors each day and "only" 150 subscribers to the feeds. It doesn't talk about technology and doesn't talk about the Internet neither.

If you want to see _very_ popular blogs, have a look at It's plenty of crappy sex blogs, but most of them are probably more popular than yours...

Finally, have a look there:

Orli Yakuel
Good Work Ouriel!



you are totally right. there is no real correlation. just an indication that TechCrunch is among the big one and growing everyday.

Let me question your comparison with adult related material. I would not compare it to TechCrunch and most of the blogs out there.

I must recognize there are bigger blogs than TechCrunch France in France. And that is great.

My point was just to show a clear trend of growth for a very young blog.

Ivor Morgan

On Tuesday I caught the train from Avignon to Paris. I helped on old French lady put her bag into the baggage rack. Only it was not her bag: the dear old French lady was removing a young French lady's bag from the rack in order to place hers securely in. I was left holding the young French lady's bag when she spotted me. Oh no! She assumes I I have removed HER bag in order to place my bag in the rack. Oh no! She is screaming at me: What am I doing with HER bag. Her bag contains WINE! French ladies will murder people who threaten their wine! Moral - never try and help an old French lady. You will be torn limb from limb. Farewell France - I hope I will never return.


2600 feed subscribers over a night :O it deals man. You surely got a jackpot on that day :)


yes french blogs are going high in these days and i'm sure the wine blogs is one of the biggest part of it.

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