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15 March 2006



I personally think Skype teams is today focused on their core target (not the same as MSN with their Messenger). Check the demographic of Skype users and you will see that their profile is older/techie.

Ouriel Ohayon

I would agree with you (i know skype average profile) if

- they did not already introduced all kinds of services usually teen related (ringtones, avatars,...)

- The number of request skin+skype was not generating so much traffic to my blog, meaning people are searching for that feature

I notice also that more and more adult start to customize their mobile phone so why not their customized client.


I'd like to customize Skype to reduce the clutter/redundancy in the default UI. There are over 5 ways to change my status, and at least 4 different ways to "call" someone. As someone who likes things compact, neat, and clean, this is amount of redundancy and bloat (wasted space) in the user interface is unsettling to me. Furthermore, what's with your inability to close (or hide) the avatar of the person you're chatting with like with all other IM clients? Some people have poor taste with avatars, and I would rather not be forced to share it with others that may be around me. I praise Skype for its use of strong encryption, but its got a ways to go as far as UI is concerned.

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