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30 November 2005


Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt

Hey Ouriel,

I'll be at Les Blogs next week. I don't know if you are around, but I'd love to meet you...European connections? Of course!



Hi Tara, unfortunately not, i am quite busy with a launch here in ICQ, but you will meet there some of my good friends starting with Loic, Netanel and Martin. Hope you cross over them.

Uri L.

The brand analysis is interesting.

Nobody could really avoid the hype on Riya during the last week, and seems that Miss rogue herself and others already shared pics from the beta on flickr.

Btw, do you know if Riya's buzz had any implication on local fellas They cliam to have their face recognition magic as well...

Technorati didn't show any unique activity about them, but I wonder if they are mentioned when relating to Riya.

(I didn't test their service and don't have any connection with them).


i heard about my myblog i even witnessed a begin of female fight on the comments side...i have seen their website but the application don t seem to be the same and the quality of the service neither.

Ronit Katz

Hi Ouriel and Uri L. (nice rhyme),

Recommend that you take a look at this article:

Regarding blog activity: currently shows 236 blog articles talking about, and linking to, MyHeritage in the past 30 or so days which is when their site came out. shows traffic going to according to Alexa (not that accurate but still one of the key available Web traffic metrics)., by comparison, has double the amount of blog articles (currently 467) and, wait for it... just half the amount of actual user traffic, per Alexa (look at weekly rankings of this week and last week). You can see it here:

Conclusion: one company has been talking. The other has been programming.

Don't be fooled by the demo that provides in its alpha. This company was started a year before Riya and has much under its hood that it will unveil soon, in the areas of face recognition, photo sharing and genealogy.


Hi Ronit

I am happy to to hear that you have been working hard. honestly i have no interest in defending riya rather than you and believe me if you application is as good riya then you should be very happy cause this market is huge and leave place to anyone. Be a marketing personn i can also tell you that "talking" is as important as "working" specially is your are in b2c market. Alexa and technorati are in no way enough to measure an audience whatsoever. What i can say from an outside point of view is that Riya is doing an examplary communication job.

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