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31 August 2007


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» Tooting Lijits horn from Subtle Exchanges - Fabian's Blog
Ouriel from Techcrunch France just blogged a very nice review about Lijits super-smooth registration process: Lijit has a KILLER magic funnel. The way they drive you in the service is seamless and simple. I recall pitching Ouriel at last year... [Read More]

» Lijit Blog Explore aka Bubbles from Feld Thoughts
Stan James just wrote a post titled Explore the world of blogs around you which describes the new Lijit Blog Explore feature. Ive been calling this feature bubbles and if you look at the image below youll see why. Pret... [Read More]


David Kadouch

The posts I like most are the ones that provide a well-thought analysis of real problems like this one (on this blog I also enjoy the refreshing posts on Jazz music).

Stan James

How did you know that we are so obsessed here at Lijit?! You are right that we think hard about every part of the signup process. Our mantra has been that there is no reason to ask the user to do something or to enter information if there is anyway that we could do it for them.

We're proud, but want to go further. Users should be able to test out their search engine before creating the account, for example.

And Ouriel, I think maybe you met my friend Fabian at the 2006 NextWeb conference in Amsterdam? Back then Lijit was known as Outfoxed and we had a *very* complicated process--not a funnel at all! Since then we've been working hard to make it easy. Glad that you appreciate it.

Founder & CTO, Lijit Networks

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