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20 January 2007


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I'm totally agree with you, Yamipod is the best friend of my Ipod Nano :-)


Really, the only thing stopping a person from copying music from the iPod to the computer is a hidden folder.


FYI... iTunes HATES you too.

Dave M.

Sorry, it's not quite ready for primetime on the Mac. If you are a Windows guy, then I can understand why you would want an alternative to iTunes. The Windows version sucks.

For me, I was getting all kinds of DB errors and it finally brought up a dialog I couldn't close due to the DB error message under the window that I was trying to close. I had to force quit it to close it down.

It's got some potential, but I think the Mac version needs some work.


Apple (IMO) is just as bad as Microsoft, only people don't want to call it DRM because they don't want to tarnish Apple's image. But seriously, DRM is a serious issue and both Apple and Microsoft are violating our rights around the clock.

The worst part is that ITunes remains the #1 means of selling music legally - and you can only download music in their proprietary format, which is complete BS. So basically it boils down to this, IPod is NOT an mp3 player - it doesn't play mp3s, it plays m4a or mp4s, but not mp3s (which requires converting).

I'll start buying music, when a company comes out that lets me download the music in mp3 format - without requiring me to download any special converting or importing software - which will probably never happen!


Hey Dave M: iPods DO play MP3s. I have no idea where you got the idea that they don't... the only popular format out there that iPods don't support is WMA (which makes sense because WMA sucks)


oops. I meant Lin when I said Dave M


Eric, are you sure? I'm pretty sure it doesn't support mp3, or rather that it requires you to convert the Mp3 in the IPod/iTunes software.


ipod plays mp3.



You can't be serious Dave M.? The iPod plays 5 different file types, AAC, Mp3, Apple Lossless, AIF and WAV.

You might want to actually read about the iPod before making a claim like that.

Apple violating your rights? must be joking. First off, the record companies make the DRM rules, not Apple or MS. And secondly, DRM is designed to help the artist maintain a living and not have you give your "purchased" music to 100 of your "peers" for free. Do you work for free? NO...then why should music artists?

Sooner or later, you'll think Movies should be free. Better yet, Blue Ray movies should be free. NO, actually everything on the planet should be free.....even Petrol.

Have a good think on that!



ipods do not play mp3s and wma does not "suck".

jesus christ.


[comment erased by editor as it includes offensive expressions]


It does not remove DRM


Do any of you actually have any idea what you're talking about?

I'm holding an iPod in my hand. On it, there are 26 gigs of MP3s! All of which I can listen to.

about 20 seconds on, and i stumbled upon this:

Look at the 'Audio' section in the 2nd column about 1/2 way down.

The DRM isn't that difficult to get around (you are allowed to burn to a disk, and there are no copy protections against ripping a CD). A little inconvenient, true, but if it is what the MUSIC LABELS require, then so be it. Bring on the content.

Remember, DRM probably wouldn't exist if the labels didn't require it... and in the end, if it can protect some of the artists' rights to copy protection, then it is working in the right direction.


Ipods will play mp3s you just have to put them on the ipod correctly. Other programs that free and can hook up to an ipod and do the same thing(possibly with less errors) are ephpod and mediamonkey. There are plenty of programs on the internet that convert from acc to mp3. Most you have to buy but they are so many i just use the free trials then go get another one

more info on DRM:


You know...

I think some people are confused because iTunes by default uses AAC/MP4 encoding when rippind CDs.

You have to manually set it to MP3 under the importing tab.

BTW, since no one mentioned this: only songs purchased via iTunes have DRM (and are encoded with AAC). Anything you rip yourself can be played on any device that supports the formats (mentioned above) iTunes encoded in.

Also, there exist many media players now that support AAC/MP4 for audio files. This format is interesting since it - in general - produces smaller files sizes at same perceived quality as a comparable MP3 file.



This is not only a DRM issue. It is a digital rule that do not allow you (at least with no tricky manipulation) to download music you bought (not from iTunes) from your iPod back to any computer you want.

I believe they have done that to prevent abuse of usage. but i believe it harms consummers like me who would like to enjoy their music how they want


Other programs (for Mac anyway):

- Senuti (iTunes "backwards")

- iPodDisk



True. It was implemented to reduce the spreading of "illegal" mp3 files and is a bit of a pain in the ass. But this is old news in a way (iPod and ways to copy music of it have been out for 5 years.)

I was referring more to the discussion on formats and DRM.

BTW, all these programs let you copy back DRM'd iTunes Store files BUT you have to use iTunes and be authorized in order to play them.

There is no easy way to get DRM of the iTunes-bought files apart from the method mentioned above. (possible alternative: the Hymn project, google it)


Final comment/correction:

Not you have to be authorized, but your computer. You can authorize up to five computers (via iTunes) to play back your iTunes Store DRM'd music.

In any case, I don't recommend buying any kind of DRM'd music as it subjects one to format/vendor lock-in.

While the iPod is great, do you really want to have NO choice in whose device you listen to music on? All purchases from iTunes Store will - for the foreseeable future - only be playable on Apple devices (oh, and a couple of crappy Motorola phones).

Pathways to a DRM-free future:
- Buy the CD and rip for iPod use
- Borrow the CD and rip
- Your public library has CDs
- use
- look on artist pages for free music
- allow for some non-Top100 music in your life :)

On topic:

what's good about yamiPod , is that it supports all major OS platforms (Win/Mac/Linux). Otherwise it does what a host of other programs do well, too.

Peace out.


Ooh,YamiPod is cool! I want to use my purchased music for my mobile phone, and tried YamiPod, it copied back to PC, but it still couldn't play on my phone.

Searched and found this guide:

As it said, it simulate the burning and ripping process automatically and can do this work for me, did anybody try this method?

Dave M.

OK folks, I understand that it's a little tricky to figure out which name goes with which comment, so let me make it a little easier:

Dave M.'s Comment:

Sorry, it's not quite ready for primetime on the Mac. If you are a Windows guy, then I can understand why you would want an alternative to iTunes. The Windows version sucks.

For me, I was getting all kinds of DB errors and it finally brought up a dialog I couldn't close due to the DB error message under the window that I was trying to close. I had to force quit it to close it down.

It's got some potential, but I think the Mac version needs some work.
I did not post that the iPod doesn't know how to play MP3's. I own 4 iPods of various generations. All of them have MP3's on them. It's quite easy to load MP3's on to an iPod. Drag them into iTunes (or your favorite alternative) and sync your iPod. Simple.

If you don't own a device, don't make blanket statements about it's operation.

By the way, 99% of all digital music players play MP3's. Sony had a digital music player that used it's proprietary software to play that strange format they used with their MiniDisc players. Later Sony players were made that play MP3's.


Ilike this blog.. Thanks all..


YamiPod is cool software, love the ability to move files onto the PC (at last!!). Theres in increasing number of other freeware tools for the iPod becoming available..Try

Ken  Hicks

Can anyone tell me how to get YAMIPOD to load and work. I down loaded the program When I install it I get an error saying that this IPOD has been used with a different ver. Possibly ITUNES 7. and it will not load

On an HP M7350N
I have tried to contact YAMIPOD
I have even registered to get on their forum said I would be activated but 2 days later and I'm not

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